This is such a fun session! We mixed a traditional Chinese game, Zhua Zhou, with Western tradition Cake Smash. We also took little Alina to eat lemon (evil, I know! ; ) and play in the snow for the first time in her life. The result is surely something for this lovely family to treasure for a lifetime!

 /Studio Wei Photography, Montreal Baby Photographer

这次拍摄实在太有趣了!我们将中国的抓周传统元素和西式的Cake Smash结合起来,还让小Alina吃柠檬(邪恶脸),人生第一次玩雪,和喵星人一起互动……太多珍贵的时刻被永久记录下来,怎能不让爸爸妈妈看到成片之后开赞不绝口,珍藏一生?

/ 之初摄影,蒙特利尔宝宝亲子摄影师