This is a really special session, for me as well for the family. The mom has been a big fan of my work for a long time and planned this session for me to document their daily life so that their families and relatives back in China could see how their life is living in Montreal. We not only took photos everywhere in their home documenting the kids' games and piano practice, we also went to their school, their favourite neighbourhood church, the park the kids play in everyday...and all these incredible, everyday moments together told such a beautiful story. Not to mention the surprise photo bomb of a little bunny added icing to the cake! : ) 

/Studio Wei Photography, Montreal Family Photographer

对这个家庭来说,这是一次意义非凡的拍摄——妈妈很早以前就喜欢我的作品,这次特意请我来记录下全家人在加拿大生活的点点滴滴。我们不仅在他们的家里和后院里抓拍下了孩子们日常游戏和钢琴练习的欢乐时刻,还去了孩子们的学校,家附近漂亮的大教堂,孩子们天天游戏的小街心公园……所有这些温馨有爱的日常点滴凝聚在一起,讲述了这个家庭此刻当下最美好也最弥足珍贵的故事。当然,在公园里突然出现的一只小野兔让我们的拍摄更是锦上添花!: )

/ 之初摄影,蒙特利尔家庭亲子摄影师