I feel so proud and honoured to be there to document another milestone of this beautiful family, after the mommy’s maternity session and capturing this little guy’s newborn, one year and now two years’ birthday! Their genuine love and connection are as strong as ever, and I already can’t wait for our next session when he turns 3! : )

特别荣幸能为这个特别有爱的美好家庭记录它的每一个里程碑—妈妈的孕照,宝宝新生照,小暖男的周岁和今年的两岁纪念!一家人之间点点滴滴随处流露的温情随着时光更加坚实动人,我已经等不及明年再为满三岁的小帅哥留下更多精彩瞬间啦!: )