What a beautiful session we had at La Maison Lavande!! The Mom and I completely hit it off and we became good friends after the session, which has inspired me to invent a word “Cli-end” (Client-turned-friend). : ) Sometimes when the life of a working mom became too overwhelming and I almost wanted to put my business on pause, the love and appreciation from my lovely “cli-ends” always bring tears to my eyes, and the strength to go on and create even more amazing work of art to return the love. Thank you all for inviting me into your beautiful family and tell your wonderful stories with my camera!!

这次的薰衣草庄园外拍怎一个美字了得!!忍不住想要发明一个新词“客蜜”献给由”客户变闺蜜”的美好的你们。: ) 因摄影结缘,又因彼此的艺术品味+意气相投而成为知己,这样的缘分和厚爱让我满心感激。每每因带娃加工作累到崩溃的时候,是你们如此暖心的话语让我泪目,立刻满血复活,更努力地用更好的作品来回馈你们的爱。感恩每一个请我走入你温暖的家,用相机来为你们讲故事的人。是你们,让我成为更好的自己。