This is my first session in 2016, and honestly, I cannot ask for a better client to start off my new year than this amazing family. I fell in love with them instantly. When mom contacted me for the session, she told me: "I really love your work, but equally important is the fact that you are also a mom..." So, when we met up for the pre-session consultation, mom-to-mom, we shared intimate stories of our motherhood – the challenges of breastfeeding, caring for baby, and moving to this awesome city that we now call home. Like all new immigrants and new parents, they are radiant of hope of what this new chapter of their life has in store for them – seeing the evident love and strength in this beautiful family, I have zero doubt that there will be many, many great things to come.

I had such a great time with our in-home session, and proposed to take the fun outdoors in a nearby park and get some winter themed shots. They happily agreed. And there I captured the precious moments of little Ivan standing by himself for the first time, and being mesmerized by a few chubby squirrels playing in the snow. The outcome of our session? I may have delivered the largest gallery I've ever created for anyone. : ) They loved every one of their images, and signed up to be the very first member of Birthday VIP Club in 2016. I'm beyond thrilled about this, because that means I get to see little Ivan grow up, and document his every milestone along the way. As a family photographer, I really can't think of a higher honour than this.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.