Every family that I’ve photographed are special to me. But this family, is becoming like my own. I’ve had the blessing to witness and document all their important moments — Mom pregnant with her second baby, the birth of little baby sister, the first time both children “met” each other, their birthdays, and now, the first time B performs on stage! What precious gifts that Mommy and Daddy have given to their children by having all these milestones captured forever! Maybe because of my journalism background, I’m particularly fascinated by those in-between moments, as these really tell the true, whole story of this family and become testimonials of their love.

缘分真的妙不可言。两年前和一位美妈偶然在一个微信群里相遇,彼此相见恨晚,于是这一家人所有重要时刻,我都有幸亲自分享和见证,无限感恩—妈妈的孕照,妹妹出生的产房全记录,哥哥和妹妹第一次相见,妹妹周岁纪念,还有这次哥哥人生第一次登台表演的全程跟拍...真的很羡慕这两个宝贝儿,有这么有心的爸爸妈妈,为他们人生的每一步都留下如此多美好有爱的影像,真是最最宝贵的一份礼物!多年的记者生涯,让我对”讲故事”的纪录式跟拍情有独钟。其实很多精彩镜头都是在in-between moments之中,甚至“喧宾夺主”成为了爸爸妈妈的最爱。小朋友们在赶场之间也全是戏—妹妹对哥哥抢她饼干又恨又怕的小眼神;趁哥哥睡着时伺机“报复”;一家人开开心心的欣赏音乐会;老爸的吻甜蜜的吻...不经意间的真实,才是最有温度的回忆。