It's always an absolute pleasure and honor for me to photograph past clients feels like catching up with old friends, not to mention how a-m-a-z-i-n-g it is to see how the little one(s) have grown! Last year I photographed Ivan's first birthday session in the winter and got many stunning snowy shots. And this year we decided to capture the beautiful autumn colors together with Ivan's little brother that I finally got to meet! He is the most incredible angel baby, always happy and smiley! Ivan is already a pretty awesome big brother and their interactions totally melted my heart! It makes me truly happy to have captured so many beautiful moments for this lovely family, and even happier knowing their life is off to an amazing start since they came to Canada!

再次为老客户拍照,总是让我感到特别开心:拍摄过程就好像和老朋友叙旧般亲切顺畅;还能看到小朋友的变化,见证宝贝的茁壮成长,真的让我深感荣幸!去年这可爱的一家人刚刚到蒙城定居不久,我们在银装素裹的冬天为Ivan拍摄了一岁生日照,今年则选择了记录下秋天的色彩斑斓,当然还有这个家庭的新成员——弟弟的加入。弟弟不但颜值一样超高,还是彻头彻尾的天使宝宝,爱笑爱吃爱睡;而Ivan这个小暖男已经俨然很有哥哥的样子,他和弟弟的互动让我心都化了!️很开心能为这有爱的一家人记录了很多真情流露的无价回忆,更让我感到由衷高兴的,是看到大人孩子们都全心享受着在加拿大的新生活,日子也越来越滋润红火!: )