The colorful autumn foliage is the perfect backdrop for documenting beautiful childhood memories in Canada! This curious little boy had so much fun playing with mommy and daddy in the park -- he was so full of amazing ideas that I almost didn't have to direct him during the session. On the contrary, he was the one giving me instructions to play the games that he invented (and of course, in order to capture the best shots I had to break a few rules, and he probably thought "well, this lady was not so smart, it's so hard to teach her anything"...LOL ; ) But I'm fine with that because this awesome gallery is all that matters!

在加拿大,色彩斑斓的秋天绝对是留住童年回忆最美好的背景!可爱的小J充满好奇心,和爸爸妈妈在公园里探索大自然,玩儿得无比开心!整个拍摄过程我几乎完全不需要引导他,相反倒是他在不断地“指挥”着我玩儿他发明的各种游戏。当然为了能抓拍到更精彩的照片,我必须时不时地打破游戏规则--估计小主角的内心一定无比崩溃,觉得这个笨阿姨怎么连个简单的游戏都教不会。; ) 但是咱们拍摄的漂亮成果才是最最最最重要的!