When your client tells you: "I Just want you to come to our home and capture my daughter as she is, our life as it is now", you know you've found the perfect "match". : ) Our session was basically just their family enjoying their favourite activities together and me being a fly on the wall -- making pancakes, eating ice-cream, bubble bath, drawing, piano practice, playing in the neighbourhood park...Yet when you see these images of authentic and emotion-filled memories captured, you realize that this IS her childhood. And these images will be priceless 50 years from now.

It's sessions like this that make me so grateful to be a family photographer, a "job" that allows me to document unconditional love and everlasting memories.

当客户告诉你:“我想让你到我家,记录下来我女儿这个年龄阶段最真实的样子还有我们家庭日常的回忆。”你马上知道,你找到了在艺术上一拍即合的知音。: ) 我们的拍摄过程其实就是这可爱的一家人在一起享受孩子平时最喜欢的各种活动——和妈妈一起做法式煎饼,吃冰淇淋,玩泡泡浴,画画,弹琴,在女儿平时常去的公园玩……而这些真实温情的点点滴滴融合起来,就是——童年。我知道,50年后,这些记录将会成为这个已经长大的小女孩的无价回忆。